• What is Pattern Grading?

    Pattern grading is the technique of creating a size range of patterns, called a graded set. Once the base size (the first size you request) is created, a sample is sewn and then fitted on the body.  Sometimes pattern alterations are required to tweak the design or fit.  Once the pattern is approved, the client chooses their required size range, and then cardboard patterns are expertly graded ready to go into production.

    Pattern grading is basically all about mathematics, which means starting from a well-fitting base size will result in all other sizes also being well-fitted. The industry standard for both ladies and men’s wear pattern grading is 5cms per size in body circumference.

    Providing a leading service for pattern grading in Melbourne, Patterns Plus can create accurate cardboard patterns in all sizes, with full annotations for local manufacturers to follow. These graded sets can be reused and even altered slightly for repetition in future collections, thus minimising ongoing costs. Having a ‘library’ of graded sets for any fashion label is a great asset.

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