Our clothing pattern makers can guide you through the whole process to bring your designs to life. It is a straight forward process and we can help make it stress free. No sessions or courses that cost $$. It starts simply with a meeting to discuss your designs, when we can collaborate if you need some guidance, to steer you in the right direction. At that meeting you would need to bring sketches, images, reference samples (often useful for the type of fit you are wanting to achieve) – it all helps translate your ideas into your prototype pattern.

Once the pattern is complete it is ready for the sample making process. You will need to provide necessary fabrics and trims in order to cut and sew the first sample.

Next the garment will need to be fitted and any notes made regarding changes, for example shorten body 2cms, widen strap 1cm etc. If necessary the pattern is then altered. At this stage we can refer you to local makers (manufacturers) who can quote a ‘production’ price to manufacture your garments. We are able to refer you to makers who do either small production runs, or indeed larger quantities. The pattern is then ready for grading your selected size range – for example size 6 – 14, ready for hand over to the maker.

Your design is then ready for production!!

Trust that our vast industry experience will guide and support you through the entire design and manufacturing process – it is easier than you think!!


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