As Melbourne’s leading manufacturer of professional sewing patterns for use in the fashion industry, we  pride ourselves on our technical grading ability. Our full size sets are completed manually on high quality pattern card, and can be reused over and over again. This is for the clients’ convenience, with no ongoing cost for reuse. Our expertise extends to a variety of apparel types, including dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, jackets and active wear. You can rely on our pattern makers in Melbourne for the best pattern grading service in the industry.

    What is pattern grading?

    Pattern grading is the process of using the existing pattern called the base size to create the same style in other sizes, called a graded set. The pattern pieces are systematically either increased or decreased in size according to an exacting formula. There is an industry standard of gracling rules, however grading can also be done to specific specifications as requested by the client.

    The difference between pattern grading and pattern alterations

    Pattern grading involves using grading increments and applying them to points on the pattern pieces in order to scale the pattern up or down. This is done with much expertise to ensure the garment is the same fit and proportion across all sizes. Put simply, it is creating the same style in a different size.

    Pattern alterations only change certain parts of a clothing pattern, for example, adding 2cm to the bust or 1 cm to the length. It is important that the base size pattern fits well and is approved by the designer prior to completing a graded set.

    Grading method

    Professional pattern grading involves using the base size as a template to create other sizes in the specified size range. With the base size pattern fitting well, the science of grading is mathematical. Increments are applied at important points of the pattern, and the lines are redrawn in accordance with they increments —also called grade rules. This is done to all pattern pieces in the base size to create the other sizes for that style. Our accurate pattern grading will result in a garment that will fit well in all sizes in your size range.

    At Pattern Plus, we have over 30 years of experience in pattern grading in Melbourne, using grading methods that are accurate and precise. Makers (factories) in Melbourne are always happy to receive a production pattern/graded set skillfully completed by Pattern Plus.


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